How does a car battery work?

As the automotive battery is a car’s electrical heart, knowledge is key when it comes to your car battery and electrical system to prevent sudden breakdowns or that dreadful #battkong experience. The more you know about your battery and electrical system, the less likely you’ll get stuck. At Bateriku.com, we are here to guide you understand what’s going on with your car’s battery and electrical system.

The car battery provides the jolt of electricity necessary to power all the electrical components in your car. Talk about huge responsibility. Without the power supplied from the battery, your car, as you’ve probably noticed, won’t start.

Most car batteries rely on a lead-acid chemical reaction to get things moving and grooving. These batteries fall into the “SLI” category which stands for “starting”, lighting and ignition.” This type of battery provides short bursts of energy in order to power your lights, accessories and engine. Once the battery jolts the engine to life, power for the car is supplied by the alternator. Most vehicles come with a generic SLI battery from the factory.

It is also of great importance to understand the basic specifications of the SLI battery that you are using in your vehicle. The nominal Voltage, Self-Discharge Rate and Design Life will tell you the basic performance characteristics. An important specification of an SLI battery is the Nominal Capacity. This refers to the Amp-hours available when the battery is discharged from 100% state of charge to the Cut-Off Voltage or empty state of the battery. Getting to know these specifications will tell you whether this brand of SLI battery is worth to buy or not.

A typical SLI battery has 6 cells. Each cell has 2 plates, or grids: one is made of lead, the other of lead dioxide. Each cell is able to produce about 2-volts of energy. In most car batteries, you have 6 cells, and therefore a 12-volt battery.

The plates are submerged in sulphuric acid that triggers a reaction between the two plates. The acid acts as a catalyst. This acid will trigger a reaction on the lead dioxide plate, causing the plate to produce two things: ions and lead sulphate. The ions produced by the lead dioxide plate react to the adjacent plate to produce hydrogen and lead sulphate.

The result is a chemical reaction that produces electrons. The electrons race around the plates and generate electricity. The electricity flows out of the battery terminals to start your engine, turn your headlights, and play the radio. This chemical reaction is entirely reversible, which is why you can jumpstart your battery and continue to charge it throughout the duration of its life. By applying current to the battery at just the right voltage, lead and lead dioxide will form on the plates and you can reuse your battery as a temporary measure.

To find out the root cause of a battery issue, we strongly suggest for you to contact Bateriku.com. Do not practise jumpstart frequently as it may lead to other malfunctions apart from your battery including your started and/or your car’s alternator.

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