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1 million customers served & rescued to date

buy anywhere, support everywhere nationwide

Buy anywhere, support everywhere nationwide

We are in 100 more locations nationwide

Legion of almost 1,000 strong BHeroes


Multiple platforms- web, app and marketplace

FREE delivery, check and install


Multiple payment

Instalment package up to 12x payments

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End-to-end solutions with multiple partners

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Perlindungan Tenang B40 Program

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Watch how rescued Uzair when his car breaks down on his way to do his daily chores.

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College student, Aiman was on his way to his class when his car runs out gas at a secluded area.

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Mila never cares much about cars. As long as she can use it, everything is fine. See what happened…

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Syera was on her way for lunch when she unable to start her car, which is parked in the basement...

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We can predict a breakdown...

See how you can look for signs of car breakdown and prepare yourself before it happens.
bateri kereta

Change your car battery with these easy steps!

raya bateriku

Prepare your vehicle for your Hari Raya celebration with

bateri kereta

Apa Itu JIS dan DIN? Ini Cara Yang Betul Baca Kod Saiz Bateri Kereta

peralatan kereta

Jangan lupa bawa 5 peralatan wajib ini dalam kereta


We are building an ecosystem.

Gig Economy - bateriku

Gig Economy -
BHero is our front line technicians who are always ready to help and assist's customers...
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Entrepreneurship - bateriku

Entrepreneurship -
The past 6 years has seen grew leaps and bound by making customer's experience its absolute priority...
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Partnership - bateriku

Partnership -
As part of the growing automotive battery replacement and 24-hour road service assistant in the country...
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Kenali pemandu lori syarikat

Pernahkah and terfikir, siapakah individu yang bertanggungjawab menghantar segala produk bateri syarikat ke lokasi-lokasi pitstop...

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Five signs that you need to change your car battery

When was the last time you had your car battery checked to see whether if it needs replacement? Depleting car batteries may lead to a variety...

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The most trusted car battery provider in Malaysia

We can definitely agree that not all drivers are inclined with how their vehicle operates. It is very advisable for drivers especially...

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