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Bateriku is another services offering from Green Initiative Sdn Bhd (GISB) to serve customers onsite, wherever they are. Bateriku is your local owned and operated mobile auto battery delivery and replacement in Malaysia. Call us for all your automotive and electrical service and repairs, one call does it all. When your needs mechanical and auto electrical repairs give us a call for a mechanic and we come to you at no extra cost. Bateriku offers a full on-site a mobile automotive and electrical repair service that comes to you at a time and place making it convenient, saving you time hassle and money. Having your car serviced at home or at work and will not affect your new cars manufacturers warranty, we work to meet manufacturers specifications and only use good-quality approved parts and battery. provides a great value of on-site car delivery and installation services with just a phone call away or WhatsApp. We will come to your place or location immediately to rescue. This kind of services is needed by anyone, especially those who are less knowledgeable about batteries and car problems. You just have to relax and wait for our crews to come and run their service.

We do not change your battery immediately. We will do thorough check to identify the problem. It is free of charge. Thus you can save your money from being wasted on unnecessary things. If you need to change, you just pay the price of the battery. It is convenient and very profitable as we also provide a floating battery should your existing is at weak state and requires our further inspection at our office. This is where you have an option to consult us should your foreman tells you that the battery has to be changed.

We provide a variety of types of batteries – wet and maintenance-free and from almost all popular brands of high-quality batteries to suit the specifications of your car. Batteries are guaranteed to be at lowest prices in the market plus basic 12 months warranty.

With you will definitely save your time, your money and your own personal safety.

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What is operational time?

7:00 AM to 11:59 PM 365 days a year.

Who should we call in case of battery problem?

Call us at Toll-Free No. 1-300-22-2324 or Whatsapp/ SMS/ WeChat at 012-938 8621 | 011-5675 6728 | 011-5675 6729. Our Customer Service would be happy to assist you. You may also call the following contact:

Green Initiative Sdn Bhd
No. 17, Block G
Jalan Saujana Indah 10
Taman Perindustrian Saujana Indah
Seksyen U2
40150 Shah Alam Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +603-7843 0105 Fax: +603-7843 0106.

Can we call you from our house or office?

Yes, as long as you are within our coverage area

Do you charge any other than the cost of your new battery?

No. The delivery, checking and installation are all FREE.

If my old battery is still usable but weak, what will you do?

We will carry out inspection of your existing battery at NO COST. If it is not a battery, you have the option to repair other posibble damage such as the alternator and other possible cause. After all these damages being rectified and you still have problems starting your car that may be due to the battery problem, you can contact us, and we will lend you our floating batteries while we check your old battery at our place. Assuming your old batteries cannot be used again, you have the option to buy a new battery from us. We will send and install it for free as well.

What should we do while waiting for your Bateriku Runner to arrive?

Stay calm and take care of your safety.

Do your MoTecs carry identity card?

Yes. Please insist on the identity card before dealing further with them.

If it is rain, will you still come?

Definitely yes. Please wait for us to arrive or you may call the named runner as being informed by our Help Desk, should you wish to cancel the rescue for any accepted or valid reasons. We would be happy to postpone the delivery on some other acceptable time agreed by both parties.

Can you give discount on the new battery?

The prices of our batteries are far below market price but still maintain the quality, durability and compatibility aspect to your car model. Please talk to our Help Desk for any discount.

Are your batteries guaranteed?

Yes. Basically 6 to 18 months depending on brand and type and vehicle model.

Can I pay the battery on site?

Definately yes.

Do you accept payment by credit or debit card apart from cash term?

Yes. - Terms of Use

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    1. Delivery service is free of any charges for each new battery you have bought within our coverage area.
    2. Check, inspection and troubleshooting of battery, alternator and starter is provided for free after we install your new battery.
    3. The non-battery issue will be subject to no charges incurred unless otherwise the vehicle fails to start due to customer own negligence i.e. Gear is not at Parking or Neutral place, no fuel and other possible causes, and it will be charged at RM50.00
    4. Requests for free inspection for battery, alternator and starter will only be applicable for schedule booking upon availability of our mobile technician.


    1. Warranty period for Amaron battery for petrol vehicles 30,000 km or 18 months, and for diesel and/or commercial vehicle 30,000 km or 12 months (whichever comes first). Non-Amaron battery for petrol vehicles 25,000 km or 12 months, for diesel and/or commercial vehicle 20,000 km or 6 months (whichever comes first).
    2. Customer Request for warranty assistance, first visit will provide free jump-start charging support, if no visible voltage and CCA increase, floating battery will be temporarily provided. Customer battery will be taken for further diagnose.
    3. For vehicle that is being left more than 14 days without the engine is being started for the alternator to charge the battery, jumpstart requested will be charged for RM50.00
    4. RM50.00 will be charged for the delivery of good recharged battery to the customer.
    5. Alternatively, customer can self-collect the good recharged battery from at no cost.
    6. Once notified, customer is required to collect the good recharged battery within 7 days.
    7. Uncollected customer's good recharged battery will be disposed after one month of the notification’s date
    8. Any request for warranty support which has been non-battery issue confirmed i.e. alternator low charging, alternator faulty, starter faulty, wiring problem will be charged for RM50.00 for assistance.
    9. Genuine warranty claim is only applicable for battery defect and not-applicable for customer's negligence or vehicle problem i.e. alternator, starter, wiring, etc.
    10. For walk-in products offered, it will be subjected to specific walk-in warranty only. For request on on-site warranty support RM50.00 is chargeable for each visit. 11. Any vehicle system re-setting cost (if required) will be borne by the customer. 12. Warranty service will be provided at best effort basis on the same day or the subsequent day within our operation hours and our coverage area. 13. Any uncertified modification by vehicle manufacturers may subject to warranty invalidation.


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